All About Divine Studio

Divine Studio's goal is to empower and make you feel confident in your body! Body Sculpting (Body Contouring) Treatments are customized for each of you dependent on your body goals! We make sure to go through the process, inform you on your desired treatments, complete a thorough consultation, then begin your body sculpting treatments along with a relaxing, divine environment for everyone to feel motivated and uplifted to achieve all your body goals.

We help you stay motivated as you show up for yourself and your body sessions. While providing quality services and excellent customer service.

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About the Owner

Yasmine Muñoz

Yasmin is a Dual licensed aesthetician in Georgia and South Carolina . She has served 7 years in the United States Army, and currently still serves in the Army Reserves, as she also focuses full time on her civilian career. Yasmin has a huge passion for the beauty industry! She specializes in everything body sculpting. She has obtained multiple certifications from South Carolina, Online Training, and California. Yasmin has even completed online courses with KOWUA HC directly from the country Colombia. She proudly uses high quality wood-therapy tools! Are you wondering what or who is Kowua? Kowua-hc has been recognized as the company with the premium high-quality wood in US market, and now offering high quality trainings. She aims to deliver professional body sculpting knowledge and services with everyone that experiences these services with her. She is a fanatic of on going education. Trust! She stays up to date with trending techniques.

She takes pride in her strong work ethic and is always planning and attending more certification courses and workshops.

A more beautiful - confident you is her priority!