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What are the Benefits of Lipo Cavitation?

- Non Invasive
- Removes fat cells permanently
- Improves blood circulation & lymphatic system
- Contours & firms body
- Reduces appearance of cellulite
- No down time

What is Lipo Cavitation (Ultrasound Cavitation)?

Ultrasonic cavitation is a new non-surgical, non-invasive fat removal treatment that helps eliminate stubborn fat pockets. The process includes ultrasonic waves to breakdown fat cells and liquify them. The content then leaves the body through the normal channels of the bodies metabolism.

Why you should do body sculpting?

- The procedure helps to reduce and remove stubborn fat pockets
- The treatment is proven to smooth and tone the skin
- In addition, the treatment will reduce  cellulite as well as wrinkles and fine lines
- As it doesn't require surgery, there are no risks and stress put on the body.

Who is a good candidate for Body Contouring?

- Men and Women
- People of All Skin Types
- Those with a Healthy Lifestyle
- People who are close to their ideal weight
- Those who are looking for convenient solutions

When to expect results?

Most people will be able to notice an immediate result in the tightness of their skin, but results continue to emerge in the days following the treatment too. Skin is remarkably smoother and muscle tone is more visible too. Normally, multiple sessions are required, generally 1 per week until you've had about 10 treatments in total, this depends on the results you want.

What is Wood Therapy?

Wood Therapy is a holistic technique using wooden tools used to relax your muscles and sculpt the body, while draining the lymphatic system. We target different areas of the body such as: arms, abdomen, thighs, and back. Each of our tools helps with the molding of the body while draining using our bodies natural process, the lymphatic system, also creating a better blood circulation.